Foresight Digital Banking
& Cyber-Resilience: Adapting
& Disrupting the Expanding
Digital Ecosystem 

Tuesday 26 November 2024 | Megaron Athens Concert Hall (Banquet Hall)

Foresight Digital Banking & Cyber-Resilience is crucially essential for the expanding digital ecosystem. Embedded Finance, Instant Payments, Cybersecure processes, enhanced Omni-Channel Customer Engagement & Loyalty, AI-Insight Analytics, Cutting-edge Technologies, effective “smart” products, shielded against cyber-threats empowering Resilient growth!


Focus Areas

  • Cyber-Resilience in the Digital Banking era
  • Digital Transformation, High-Tech & Human Factor contribution to Approaches & Technologies
  • Abide by the current Regulations including ESG Imperatives impacting the new reality
  • Embedded finance reaching out to new potential  (e.g. new-gen payments, prompt onboarding)
  • Platformification and its potential to enrich interoperable capabilities with ecosystem members
  • Using state-of-the-art IT Architectures & Systems, and Actionable innovation
  • Big data analytics and Data utilization as-a-Service to the ecosystem partners.
  • Insights into emerging technologies and future trends in banking.
  • Strategies for sustainable growth and navigating digital disruption.
  • Driving positive changes in the banking industry.

The Program

Session I

Strengthening Cyber-Resilience in the Digital Banking Era

  • Comprehensive understanding of cyber-resilience multiple facets.
  • Fast, Secure, Affordable banking and how it will be achieved.
  • Strategies for implementing robust and appropriate measures.
  • Importance of collaboration for enhancing cyber-resilience.

Session II

Navigating Actionable Digital Transformation and Strategic Partnerships

  • High-tech & the Human Factor for successful digital transformation strategies in banking.
  • Opening up the traditional Banking system – evolutionary journey to a new culture.
  • Insight into the role of third-party players and the power of collaboration.
  • Strategies for fostering innovation through strategic partnerships.
  • Customer-centricity Reimagined

Session III

Regulatory Compliance vs. Disruptive Interventions and ESG

  • Cutting-edge technologies automating a competitive bank-to-market operations’ lifecycle
  • Data and Actionable knowledge – the most powerful asset for Banks
  • Using ESG prerequisites for new-gen products and services
  • How Regulatins shape up the new era – Compliance leading to new Business opportunities

Meet the

Organizing Committee

Meet the


Key Issues

  • Bank ecosystem ‘smart’ models – Synthesizing Innovation for Market expansion  
  • Culture shift, advanced Customer engagement, upgrading the banking experience  
  • Leaving Legacy behind, Platformification, Agility, Diversified servicing, Scalability 
  • Open Finance, Embedded Finance: Implications to enforce cyber-resilience 
  • ESG Imperatives, Eliminating Compliance Risks, Sustainable development 
  • Personalized Services, Automated Processes, Real-time Straight-through-Processing (STP) 
  • Cutting-edge technologies, AI-driven Insight Analytics, Remote Working, Cybersecure banking 
  • Enhanced understanding of cyber-resilience strategies in banking. 
  • Insights into successful digital transformation initiatives – Guarantee consumer protection  
  • Strategies for fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the digital era. 

Who should attend

Retail Banking Executives, Customer Experience Experts,  Digital Transformation Officers, CIOs and IT Executives, Risk Managers, Regulators & Compliance Officers, Operations Officers, Digital Product Officers, Payments Executives, Cards Business Executives, Digital Marketing Leaders, Product & Services C-level Officers, Senior and Middle Management Executives of the above roles



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  • Shortening sales close lifecycle  

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